Roadtrip Stop # 7: Chalcrafts Do Dallas

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, home is where family is and we are lucky enough to have some of the most amazing friends that we consider them family.  So heading to Dallas, TX from New Orleans to stay with our great friend Aaron was the most welcomed occasion.  And to make it even more exciting, our good friends from our hometown Columbus, OH were also visiting!  It was going to be a 3 day reunion of friendship and we couldn’t wait! 

There’s something so lovely about being hosted.  Having your friends show you around a city you’ve never been is simply the best.  Especially when your host is just as excited to show you around as you are to be there.  There’s so much joy witnessing the passion people have for the city they live in.  Aaron and his sweet girlfriend, Stephanie couldn’t wait to take us to the best BBQ joints, local farm to table eats and parks.

Our host Aaron lives in an amazing home nestled right in the heart of the Government District with impressive views of downtown Dallas.


Rucca got to make her 1st Frenchie friend (Aaron’s pup Diesel) and I couldn’t tell who was more excited about it, me or her. 




First meal of the Dallas stop started with a trip to the downtown Dallas Farmer’s Market. A tasty, homemade breakfast soon followed. 


IMG_9613White Rock Lake was next on our schedule for frisbee and sail boat gazing.  Obviously the pups were loving it.


We checked out a great lunch spot called HG SPLY CO.  To quote them, “While we moved forward in technology, we moved backwards in food” and their mission is to go back to the basics of cuisine.  Focusing on simple, wild ingredients and straying far away from the mass produced, over processed food market.  Come one, come all!  Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo or full blown carnivore, you will find delicious and mindful food at HG SPLY Co.


TX steak bowl

TX Steak Bowl

Greens & Grains Salad

Greens & Grains Salad


One of our top “to-do’s” while in Dallas was to eat some authentic, savory Texas BBQ.  Hard Eight BBQ was everything we had been searching for. The family owned and operated restaurant offers “Texas style” service where you wont see a hostess or waiter. They take pride in having the person who prepared your food serve it to you.  These pit masters deliver food fresh, hot and FAST.  As you step into the smokey BBQ pit line, you better start deciding what you want because you have a total of 18 meats and sides from the pit to choose from… good luck.  Oh! and there’s 11 more sides and about 10 deserts inside so make sure you’re adorned in your best stretchy pants.






Our last night in Dallas was spent experiencing a Texas Rangers game.  There’s something about a live baseball game…am I right? Baseball is one of those sports that I never watch on tv, I really don’t follow the sport either, but I love going to the actual games.  Not sure if it’s the nostalgia of it all, the wafting scents of hotdogs, or the exciting possibility of getting hit with a fly ball (which almost happened), but baseball games are classic, wholesome fun!



There are so many factors that come into play on whether or not you appreciate a city. How was the weather?  Did you happen to have a run-in with some rude folks? Food poisoning from a restaurant?  There are a plethora of things that could negatively or positively impact your opinion of a city that have nothing to really do with the city itself.  I’d love to say that we enjoyed Dallas for the city that it is, but if I’m being honest, it had more to do with the company that we kept.  However, I do think Dallas offers much of what any city traveler would love: a beautiful skyline, great food and pleasant weather.   In true Texas fashion, it’s big enough that anyone can find their niche.  Until next time Dallas! (Aaron invite us back now)!

Next stop: AMARILLO!

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