Chalcrafty Adventures


Why do we travel?  It’s an interesting question with many varying answers.  For me, it’s fairly simple:  In addition to relieving stress and giving people a much needed break from their daily lives, traveling also cements experiences into your memory that we can learn from and be inspired by.  Ultimately, it expands horizons literally and figuratively.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but some of my most vivid memories in… Read More

Throughout this adventure, and one could even argue throughout life, I’ve learned there is never enough time to see and do everything we want.  I could easily spend a whole year or more exploring everything the United States has to offer.  Each little city and it’s residents, sprawling vistas, breweries, restaurants, gardens, roadside attractions – there’s so much to be explored.  But we only have about 2 months to skim the surface… Read More

(March 31st-April 1st) I’ve heard the stories. A hippy oasis in the middle of Appalachia.  Unique in North Carolina, especially in Western North Carolina.  Great food, great live music, beautiful scenery. And of course, home of the famous Biltmore Estates.  I can’t, with a straight face, sit here and tell you that those things aren’t completely true.  But that wouldn’t be the whole story of Asheville. After a long first day on… Read More